Account Problems and Resetting Passwords

Have a student that can’t log into his/her Google account? Run into a suspended account? Diego Reyes or Norma Torres, can help you with this. Trouble with Aspen/MyTrack? You want this page.

Should you need a student’s Google password reset, please send the student’s CPS Login IDs (rather than the student’s given name) to Diego Reyes or Norma Torres, as many students have similar (if not identical) given names, and many students also have longer names than they may commonly use. This often makes it difficult to identify the proper Google account by given name. Also, unlike Aspen, Google does not keep LASIDs, so the username is the only searchable unique field; student id numbers are of little use for Google password resets… although LASIDs are great if the student is new and does not yet have a Google account.

Also… if you’re introducing Chromebooks or Google services to a class for the first time, you might also try arranging a time and calling the tech office to relay usernames that need password resets over the phone. This is a very quick process and can make the initial (or next school year) logging in process a lot easier.

Should you need a teacher Google account password reset, please contact Diego Reyes or Norma Torres.

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