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Anatomy and Physiology

Course Number: C418 /
Category: Science /
Credits: 5 /
Recommended Grades: 11,12 /
Level: College Prep /
Length: Semester /
Description: In this class, students will gain a deeper understanding of the human body’s structure and how the systems in the body work together to support life. Students study organ systems in the human body – including their composition, structure and function – at multiple levels, including chemical composition, cellular structure, tissues, and organs. Students will do hands-on activities, including the dissection of a mammal. Students will design and carry out scientific investigations related to Anatomy & Physiology using the scientific method. With a strong focus on writing skills, students are expected to write an argument using scientific evidence to support it, translate quantitative data into an analysis of that data, and construct written conclusions. Prerequisites: Biology and Chemistry. With the permission of the Science Department Lead Teacher, Chemistry may be taken concurrently.

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