AP Chemistry

Course Number: C451 /
Category: Science /
Credits: 10 /
Recommended Grades: 11,12 /
Level: AP /
Length: Full Year /
Description: This course is equivalent to a college level general chemistry course, and provides students with a foundation to support future advanced course work in chemistry. Through inquiry-based learning, students develop critical thinking and reasoning skills. They cultivate their understanding of chemistry and scientific practices as they explore topics such as: atomic structure, intermolecular forces and bonding, chemical reactions, kinetics, thermodynamics, and equilibrium. Students must be highly motivated to tackle this extremely rigorous course and must demonstrate that they have the necessary work ethic to succeed in a demanding academic environment before registering for this course. Prerequisites: Grades of B or above in Chemistry or Chemistry Honors and Algebra 2, and recommendations from both a mathematics and science teacher (Simultaneous enrollment in Chemistry Honors fulfills the Chemistry requirement).

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