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AP Physics 1- Algebra-based

Course Number: C455 /
Category: Science /
Credits: 10 /
Recommended Grades: 11,12 /
Level: AP /
Length: Full Year /
Description: An introductory-level but rigorous algebra- and trigonometric-based physics course designed for 11th and 12th grade students who have both the commitment and desire to engage in physics at a high level. The course is structured for those potentially interested in pursuing AP Physics C and who have a strong interest in a scientific or engineering focus in college and career. Students learn fundamental topics such as motion, force, energy, harmonic motion, and electricity, and are expected to write thoroughly about them in inquiry labs and research papers. Students also use applied math to solve for variables in several physics laws and are expected to develop and produce a project or the annual Chelsea High School Science Fair. This course is roughly equivalent to the old Physics Honors, though students will be required to take the AP Physics 1 exam at the end of the year.

Prerequisites: A grade of B or above in Algebra I and Chemistry, concurrent enrollment in Algebra 2, and a teacher recommendation

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