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AP Spanish Language

Course Number: C540 /
Category: Foreign Language /
Credits: 10 /
Recommended Grades: 12 /
Level: AP /
Length: Full Year /
Description: This course is conducted entirely in Spanish and emphasizes: (1) enlarging vocabulary; (2) refining reading, speaking, listening, and writing skills; (3) reading literature in its original form; and (4) studying relevant art, music, and cultural/historical contexts to complement the literature. Students are expected to take the National AP Spanish Language Exam in May. They prepare for the exam by performing exercises with the same format as the AP exam, including required practice classes twice a week before or after school. Students are required to read one literary work suggested by the Foreign Language department during the summer preceding the course. Students are tested on this summer reading when school begins and their summer reading grade is included in their first quarter course grade. Prerequisites: A high level of success in previous Spanish courses and a teacher recommendation.

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