AP Statistics

Course Number: C279 /
Category: Mathematics /
Credits: 10 /
Recommended Grades: 11,12 /
Level: AP /
Length: Full Year /
Description: ‘Statistics provides tools for describing variability in data and for making informed decisions that take it into account.’ (Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, 2011) This course is designed to give students the tools to describe variability as well as explore methods and concepts related to comparing statistics and making inferences. Students interpret categorical and quantitative data, justify their conclusions verbally, and evaluate random processes underlying statistical experiments. They study independence and conditional probability and use these principles to interpret data; use the rules of probability to compute probabilities of compound events in a uniform probability model; and use probability to make decisions. Students are expected to take the national AP Statistics examination in May. Students are required to complete a summer assignment preceding the course. Prerequisite: A grade of B or above in Algebra 2 or another higher-level mathematics course and a teacher recommendation. Non-seniors who take this course are strongly encouraged to take a second math course concurrently.

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