Google Accounts and Chromebooks – Getting Started

Chelsea Public Schools supplies staff members with school district Google accounts based off of their school-supplied email address, so your Chelsea Google account name is your entire school email address. School Google accounts work both inside and outside the school buildings; you just need an Internet connection and a web browser.

Grade 1-12 students also have Google accounts for use with Chromebooks and Google Apps. These are created periodically and use students’ generated CPS Login ID; this field is in Aspen and looks like an email address. Student Google passwords default to neednew1 and force a password change upon first login.

This allows staff members and students to share documents (Google Drive), calendars (Google Calendar), etc., and to log into school Chromebooks and Google Classroom. If a CPS coworker shares a Google document (or form, or folder, etc!) with you, it will say you need permission if you are not yet logged in with your school/district Google account. Just log into your browser (preferably Google Chrome) with your CPS Google account at that point.

If logging into Google services through a browser (rather than a Chromebook), it’s a good idea to log in at, as this will ensure that you don’t try to log into a disabled Google service (which will throw an error).

Please note that the Gmail functionality is shut-off in lieu of school supplied email, so trying to log into Gmail (as opposed to Google services like Drive or Calendar) with a school account will throw an error… again… you can avoid this by logging into school Google accounts at School email may be accessed on the Web at or at Students do NOT have CPS-supplied email.

CPS Google Apps Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is my District Google username?

A. Faculty and Staff Google usernames are the same as the district email address. My district email address is, so my District Google username is also You can also refer to the CPS Login ID, which is the Aspen username appended with

Q. I get an error when I try to log into Gmail with my CPS Google credentials.

A. Gmail is NOT currently enabled for CPS Google Accounts, so you need to log into Google Apps, rather than Gmail. You can always do this at to make sure you’re not trying to log into Gmail. Attempting to log into any Google service not enabled for Chelsea Google Apps for Education will fire an error.

Q. My password doesn’t work for CPS Google Apps.

A. Rich Pilcher can force you a new password. If a student, rather than a staff member, has forgotten a Google password, teachers, technology integration specialists and many librarians can also view a student’s Aspen/Google passwords. Also be sure that you’re using your full school email address as your username. Should you need a student’s Google password reset, please contact the tech department.

Q. How do I share resources with other CPS colleagues using Google Apps for Education?

A. Please see Sharing Resources with Google Apps.

Q. Can I set up a self-graded quiz in Google Apps for Education?

A. Why yes… yes you can. Here’s how.

Q. Someone shared a Google doc or resource with me but when I click on the link it says I need permission. How do I get permission.

A. It usually just means that you have not logged into Google with your school Google account in the browser opening the link. Just go to and log into Google and you should be fine. It’s also possible that the person has not shared the resource with your Google account; if this is the case, you should see a link allowing you to “request permission.”

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