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BioEthics HLS Pathway

Category: History and Social Science, Pathways /
Credits: 5 /
Recommended Grades: 11,12 /
Level: College Prep /
Length: Semester /
Description: Should we clone humans? What should we think of the coming genetic revolution? How much control should we have over how and when we die? When does medical treatment turn into medical enhancement ? and should we care? Is rationing health care good, bad, necessary? or all of the above? This course will explore fundamental moral issues that arise in medicine, health, and biotechnology. Some are as old as life itself: the vulnerability of illness, the fact of death. Some are new, brought on by a dizzying pace of technology that can unsettle our core ideas about human nature and our place in the world. And nearly all intersect with issues of racial and gender equality, as well as policies affecting the world?s most vulnerable populations.

Designed to introduce students to the range of issues that define bioethics, together with core concepts and skills, this course is part of the Health and Life Science pathway for students interested in a career in health care, medicine, policy-making, and scientific research.

What you’ll learn

  • Recognize core philosophy concepts in bioethics debates, including well-being, justice, and autonomy
  • Develop scientific literacy relevant to core bioethics topics such as abortion, genetic enhancement, and euthanasia
  • Understand key bioethics terms such as informed consent and medical futility
  • Practice engaging in reflective, respectful conversations with others on polarizing issues

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