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Chemistry Honors

Course Number: C430 /
Category: Science /
Credits: 5 /
Recommended Grades: 10,11,12 /
Level: Honors /
Length: Semester /
Description: A rigorous course designed for students who have both the commitment and desire to engage in high level quantitative science. The course is designed for students interested in pursuing AP Chemistry and who have an interest in a scientific or engineering focus in college and career. Students learn about the properties of matter and how those properties help organize elements on the periodic table. Students study atomic structure and chemical reactions in-depth to better understand the nature of chemical change. By calculating stoichiometry problems and molar concentrations, students also learn about proportionality and strengthen their mathematical skills. Students are expected to develop and produce a project for the annual Chelsea High School science fair. Prerequisites: A grade of B or above in Algebra 1 and Biology and a math teacher recommendation.

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