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How to work seamlessly in multiple locations through Chrome Browser

Want to set up an easy work environment in Google Chrome that will function at home, at school, and at any location with an internet connection?

  1. Log into Chrome/Google with your District username.
  2. Put all of your documents in Google Drive (or just create them in Drive to being with) for easy, universal access.
  3. Bookmark: http://www.chelseaschools.com/launch for a quick launcher to the most popular web-based CPS applications: Aspen, Email, Google Apps for Education, etc.

Important Note: Be sure to LOG OUT of your Google (and any other) account when you are done using a shared computer. It’s also a good practice to NEVER have a shared computer remember your browser credentials for you.

Note about spinning ball: Having trouble accessing Google Drive or other Google services with the Chrome Browser while logged into the school network? Spinning circle instead of loading Drive? Try using the local (generic student account) account on the computer and simply logging into Chrome with your CPS Google credentials, rather than logging into the network with your cps account. You can also try opening up a New Incognito Window from the browser file menu and logging into http://www.chelseaschools.com/g in the incognito window if you need to be logged in with your school network account.


Google’s Chrome browser offers significant advantages when working with Google services like Drive, Classroom, etc., as it allows functionality like “dragging and dropping files,” and “uploading entire folders” to Drive. It also updates itself and its Flash plugin, so you should run into less issues with Flash-driven sites requiring the latest Flash plugin.

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