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Exporting Grades from Google Classroom

Google Classroom offers a great tool suite for teachers and students, but ultimately, if you have used GC for grading  (it’s easy to collect, comment on, and grade assignments and papers in Google Classroom!), any grades in Google Classroom need to be moved over to Aspen.

What you may not know is that grades can be exported from Google Classroom as a csv file (csv files can be opened in Google Sheets or Excel or any other spreadsheet program) quite easily.

Here’s how to export grades from Google Classroom:

  • Log into you school Google account and go to Google Classroom.
  • Go to the class from which you wish to export grades.
  • Click on any assignment in the class.
  • Go to the gear near the top right of page and select “download all grades” or “download assignment grades” if you only want the grades from that particular assignment.
  • Repeat for any other classes if you have Google Classroom set up for more than one class and need to move grades.

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