Mastery English 10

Category: English /
Credits: 10 /
Recommended Grades: 10,11 /
Level: College Prep /
Length: Semester /
Description: This course is intended for students who took, but did not receive credit for English 10 (FAILED). Students read a variety of literature (including drama, poetry, short stories, and novels) as well as topical, controversial, and nonfiction, reviewing text structure, the elements of fiction, strategies used in persuasive writing, and active reading strategies. Students write pieces including personal responses to literature, analytical essays, and other expository pieces, focusing on the writing process while emphasizing personal style, organization, and grammar. Self-evaluation of work is emphasized. Students are expected to read self-selected and assigned texts outside of class. Prerequisite: Successful completion of English 9 or Honors English 9 or Mastery English 9.

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