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Student Aspen Use Overview

What is MyTrack?

MyTrack is the name students picked for the Aspen student portal several years ago. There is ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE between Aspen and MyTrack aside from the type of user account used (student versus teacher versus administrator etc.). It’s better policy to simply refer to Aspen as Aspen at this point, since MyTrack references usually just lead to confusion.

What is X2?

X2 was the company that originally created Aspen. X2 sold Aspen to Follett, so X2 has nothing to do with Aspen now. Aspen is Aspen, not X2, so it is better policy to simply refer to Aspen as Aspen at this point.

Does every student have a Aspen account?

Yes. Freshmen use their existing accounts from middle school. Students enrolled in CHS last year use their existing accounts. Accounts for students transferring into CHS are created when they enroll, and are activated when they sign the standard technology use form that all students must sign.

Do Aspen accounts expire?

Aspen accounts expire on June 30th of the year the student graduates.

Is a student’s Aspen username his/her last name and first initial?

No. Aspen ensures that all usernames are unique, so except in a small number of cases, a student’s username is a combination of their first, last, and middle names, and may also contain numbers. Aspen usernames are the CPS Login ID minus the @chelseaschools.com.

Is there a limit to the number of times a student can try to log on?

Yes. If a student attempts to log on with an incorrect username or password five times, the system disables his/her account. Please encourage students to ask a teacher for their password if they forget it, rather than trying too many incorrect passwords and locking themselves out.

What should students do if they disable their accounts or cannot request an email password reset through Aspen?

If all else fails, students can request a password reset from the tech department.

What if a student still can’t log on?

Students having trouble logging on can request a password reset with the tech department.

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