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Posting P and P+ grades in Aspen – QT4 2020

Please read these instructions carefully as they have some significant changes to how we normally post grades in Aspen (see the CHS grading policy here). Here are the changes we need to make for QT4 grade posting due to the distance-learning measures necessary during the 2019-2020 school year:

Instructions for Q4 and Final grading for non-Seniors are very similar to earlier senior grading with the exception that comments will be limited to engagement in remote learning. Dropdown comments will be altered to include only a “high engagement” and “engagement,” which should correspond with P+ and P grades. Teachers can also leave comments blank. All other comments will be disabled. 

The “grading” window for non-Seniors will open in Aspen on Monday, June 1 and completion will be expected by Friday, June 23. This will provide extra time for printing and distribution during school closure before the school year ends.

1. You CANNOT use the “Update Post Columns” wizard for QT4. Instead you will be manually updating your QT4 post column (and also your Final Grade post column for course that ONLY met during QT4). The ONLY grades for QT4 should be either P or P+, and for 2.5 credit courses that only met during 4th quarter, the Final grade should also be either P or P+. 

So for courses that ONLY met QT4 (2.5 credit courses), you should manually update BOTH your QT4 and your Final Grade post columns to either P or P+ and then post your grades. At this time, only YOG 2020 grades will post if you have a class with both Seniors and younger students. 

For courses that met for more than QT4 (S2 and FY courses), you should manually update ONLY your QT4 post column with P or P+. After doing so, you should then click the “Update” button that appears at the top of your Final Grade post column (abbreviated as FnlGrd in the gradebook). This will give you a final grade in your final grade post column based on the earlier quarter grades posted for that course. You can then adjust this final grade manually as desired before posting your grades. 

If you are entering many of the same grades (like P’s!), you can enter a grade in the first cell of a column and then you can fill down that entire column with “ctrl +d” or by going to the options menu and selecting “Fill-Down Values.” You can then go back and change a handful of grades that need to be different if applicable. This could make manual grading quicker for you.

2. There are two new comment code, 461N and 461P, which you can add to any of the 3 available student comment areas. The new 461P comment code is for any students that you give a P+ grade and it prints on report cards as, “P+: student was highly engaged in remote learning activities.” So any student who gets a P+ should also be given a comment code of 461P. The 461N code prints as “Student was engaged in remote learning activities.” Teachers can also simply leave comments blank.

3. Not a change, but be sure that you click the “Post Grades…” after you update your post columns. This moves your grades to report cards and transcripts and gives students earned credits. 

So… as a recap… don’t use the “Update Post Columns” wizard, but instead manually update your QT4 post columns with P or P+. If your class only meets for Q4, also manually update your “FnlGrd” post column with P or P+. If your class met S2 or FY, click the update button in the “FnlGrd” post column after you have manually updated your QT4 post column. Manually adjust S2 or FY “FnlGrd” grades as desired after you hit the update button in that post column. Give any student who received a P+ a comment of 461P, and finally click the “Post Grades…” button and follow through with that wizard to post your grades.

4. There are no iblock/capstone grades or credits this year.

If you need to change posted grades while the posting window is open, just change the grades you need to change and repost that class. You can do this as many times as you want during the posting window. After the posting window closes, you need to fill out grade change request forms for each grade you need to change, so it’s much better to do this during the post window if possible.

Contact Andy with any questions or problems. I’ll add to these instructions with any questions/problems that staff may have once starting this process.

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