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Published Report Cards and Progress Reports in Aspen

Parents and guardians can view electronic (pdf) versions of Chelsea High School progress reports and report cards for a limited time (approximately 2 weeks) whenever these reports are published in Aspen. For example, if Quarter 1 progress reports are published on October 15, they would be available for viewing/downloading until about October 29. You can always save the pdf to keep for as long as you like.

Parents can also ALWAYS view transcript information in Aspen under “Family” top tab and the “Transcript” side tab of their student. Whereas report cards are “snapshots” in time, the “Transcript” area will always reflect the most current information concerning grades and credits.

Whenever a report is published, we send an email to all parent/guardian emails in Aspen with instructions concerning how to access the report. To view the report, parents/guardians need to log into their family Aspen account and click on the report link in the “Published Reports” area. This is available from the initial page you see after logging into Aspen. See image below:

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