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Put Google Drive files in multiple locations

You can have Google Drive files show up in multiple Google Drive locations. You can either copy files, so you in essence have two different files in different locations, OR you can have the same file APPEAR in two different locations. The difference is that if you have an individual file ADDED to multiple locations, edits to the file will appear in both locations. If you make a copy, they are separate, so editing one copy of the file will not affect the other.

If you want to add existing Google Drive files to additional Google Drive locations, you can highlight them in Google Drive, hold down SHIFT and Z and then choose the folder you would like to add them to, and then click the green “add here.” This will quickly add existing materials to two or more folders and file changes TO EXISTING files will be inherited. Please note that you’ll still have to add NEW MATERIALS to both locations moving forward… The locations aren’t exactly mirrored, although the FILES themselves reflect changes when put in more than one location.
You’ll also need to share the new location… probably with just read/view permissions with those people you wish to have access. You can do this with a link and then just share the link with staff. If staff don’t need to edit… it’s always better to limit them to read. Good things seldom happen with shotgunned heightened privileges when heightened privileges are not explicitly needed.

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