Rhyme and Rhythm

Course Number: C165 /
Category: English Language Arts, Elective /
Credits: 5.0 /
Recommended Grades: 10,11,12 /
Level: College Prep /
Length: Semester /
Description: In this class students discover how music, literature and history shape who they are in both the Chelsea High School community as well as the world around them. They listen to music, read short stories, write and perform their own skits and celebrate their culture by creating projects to reflect their pride in who they are. Through self-reflection, students will explore their personal identities and how their actions shape their school and community cultures. Special attention will be paid to how artists and ordinary citizens have changed the world through social justice and how students can do the same in their school, community, and country. Topics range from Holocaust studies, to the Hippie movement, to J. Cole’s influence on modern hip hop.

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