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1. Science Department Overview

Category: Science /
Description: The Chelsea High School Science Department curriculum, course content, and instructional methods are all designed to support and direct students as they:

  • Develop critical-thinking and analytical skills;
  • Engage in active learning; and
  • Develop a coherent understanding of the physical world.The Science Department curriculum is aligned with the current Massachusetts State Curriculum Frameworks.

Chelsea High School Policy on Dissection and Dissection Alternatives

In accordance with the 2005 policy on Dissection and Dissection Alternatives set forth by the Massachusetts DESE, Chelsea High School has developed the following policy.

Student participation in hands-on science is important to learning science. Dissections are valuable learning experiences and all students are encouraged to participate in them. When dissection is used in the classroom at Chelsea High School:

  • Teachers thoroughly explain the learning objectives of the lesson and use written and audio-visual materials as appropriate to maximize the educational benefits of the experience.
  • All specimens are treated with respect.
  • All students are informed – prior to the dissection – that they have the option of discussing individual concerns about dissection with their classroom teacher.
  • When the dissection is complete, all remains are disposed of appropriately and in compliance with applicable Chelsea Public Health regulations and guidelines.

Dissection Alternatives

Each Chelsea High School science course that includes dissection also offers a dissection alternative. When a science teacher receives a written request from a parent or guardian objecting to their student’s participation in a dissection, the student will be permitted to demonstrate competency through an alternative method.

Any student who wishes to participate in an alternative activity in place of dissection must do the following:

  • Notify the science teacher of his/her choice to participate in an alternative activity in place of participating in a dissection;
  • Submit a parent or guardian’s written request for the alternative activity to the science teacher or the principal. This request is given to the Lead Science Teacher
  • Accept responsibility for completing an alternative activity provided by the science teacher. The teacher will specify in writing what is expected of the student during the alternative activity. Alternative activities are designed to provide students with the same content knowledge as the dissection activity and will require a comparable investment of time and effort.
  • Complete the alternative activity within the assigned time and demonstrate the same content knowledge to the teacher as students who performed the dissection activity.
  • Agree to be subject to the same course standards and examinations as other students in the course.

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