True Crime

Course Number: C185 /
Category: English Language Arts, Elective /
Credits: 5.0 /
Recommended Grades: 9,10 /
Level: College Prep /
Length: Semester /
Description: In True Crime, students will explore crime, psychology, and the criminal justice system through nonfiction articles, essays, and books. Students gain insights into the techniques writers use to write narrative and expository works about real-life occurrences. True Crime delves into the history, mechanics, and oddities of the famed genre. The class explores crime dating back to America?s first murder trial all the way to modern day media examples such as Serial and Making a Murderer. Aside from experiencing crime nonfiction across multiple mediums, True Crime places an emphasis upon how we view crime, criminals, and the criminal justice system in our society, school, and community.

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