Quarter 3 Grade Window

The grading window for quarter 3 will open the week of March 29 and grades are due by 9AM on April 9. Please also note that teacher course recommendations for appropriate S2 and FY classes are also due on April 9.

Aspen Version 5.10

The latest version of Aspen, version 5.10, will be delivered on Friday, January 11th. This release contains a number of new features, including: Refreshed Family Portal mobile view Ability to use mobile device to review & submit school forms Select many records at once with new Select All button where […]

Aspen 5.9 Release Notes

Aspen version 5.9 Destiny Single Sign On – Users will be able to log into Destiny using their Aspen credentials. By having Tech Support configure their instance of Aspen, Destiny customers can turn on Aspen as the identity provider. Users logging into Destiny will be redirected to the Aspen login […]

2017-2018 Final Grades Countdown

Final Grades Due at 8:00AM Friday, June 22, 2018! Be sure to update your post columns and to submit your grades correctly by the deadline. Be sure to read and follow the distributed grading Instructions. Be sure to give each student a QT4 grade and a Final course grade (as […]

Try the Knowledge Base Search

In a hurry? No time to search through the various categories to find what you need in the Knowledge Base articles or news items? No problem. Try using the giant search when you first visit the Knowledge Base. It will search BOTH kbase articles and news items and bring up […]